Seeing is

God's Eyes International is a non-profit organization that provides eye care around the world.

Bringing Vision to the World.

We provide new prescription eyeglasses free of charge to the world’s poorest people in developing countries. The heartbeat of the organization offers this gift of sight and shares the good news of the Gospel of Christ to everyone we help.
We have held eye clinics in

308 villages

dispensing 101,503 pairs

of brand new eyeglasses, free of charge, to
those in desperate need of vision correction.
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We’ve partnered with VOSH

Over 300,000 lenses shipped Dec 5, 2017!

Over the past few months we have been working on an amazing project with VOSH International. We will be shipping over 300,000 lenses to El Salvador to be distributed all over Central and South America. View the videos below to see this incredible vision come to fruition!

 Day 1: Vosh Shipment

We spent day one at the God’s Eyes International warehouse packing up over 300,000 lenses that will be delivered and distributed to El Salvador.

 Day 2: Vosh Shipment

We partnered with Vosh (Volunteer Optometrists Serving Humanity) to supply them with over 300,000 lenses that will be shipped to El Salvador.

 Day 3: Vosh Shipment

Day three our 26 palette shipment of eye glasses will be delivered to Vosh. This inventory will be distributed throughout the Central American region.

Upcoming Schedule

With your support these are the places we will be helping in the coming months.
August: 2-12
Eye Clinic
Negros, Philippines
August: 5-15
Eye Clinic
Rida, Latvia
September: 1-10
Eye Clinic
TBD, Moldova
October: 19-26
Eye Clinic
Leon, Nicaragua
November: TBA
Eye Clinic
Lesbos, Greece